Home Ownership and New Builds

Fuller Center houses are simple, decent, safe and affordable for the family and volunteer-friendly during construction. Partner families are chosen by local Fuller Center covenant partners after application and evaluation. Homeowners must be unable to obtain a conventional home loan or mortgage before we consider their application. They are required to put in about 350 hours of sweat equity toward a new home (some of which can be done by family members) including volunteering on their home, other Fuller Center projects and administrative tasks, attending mandatory homeownership classes or by doing volunteer work with approved area non-profits.


Greater Blessing projects

Through the Greater Blessing repair program, homeowners in need can apply to a Fuller Center covenant partner to have their homes restored to a simple, decent living condition. Once repairs are complete, The Fuller Center works with each homeowner to help them structure an affordable repayment plan. All of this is done without charging interest, without the use of a mortgage and without requiring the title to the property as collateral.

  • Calvin’s House
  • Ida’s House
  • Chip & Peggy’s House
  • Millie’s Greater Blessing
  • Ross’s Greater Blessing

Other Projects

  • Henry ReNew Project
  • Heim-Davis Project
  • Newton Home Project