The Fuller Center of Kansas City seeks partnerships within our communities that bring together churches, schools, businesses and civic organizations to build decent, affordable homes for people who are unable to secure adequate housing by conventional means.

Under the guidance of The Fuller Center for Housing, the Fuller Center Kansas City works in partnership with other service-oriented organizations and countless volunteers to build and repair homes. All homeowners work hand-in-hand with volunteers to build their own homes, which are then sold to them on terms they can afford — based on no-profit, no-interest loans.

With some smaller renovation projects, an innovative payment program, called “The Greater Blessing Program” is utilized, whereby recipients promise to repay the loan amount without signing an actual mortgage agreement. They decide the monthly amount they can afford to repay and the period of time that it will take to repay the cost of repairs.

There is no legal obligation to repay these loans. It is a leap of faith in the basic goodness of humankind and is proving to be very successful.



Olive Street House

Rodriguez Home

Calvin’s House

Lorie’s House