The Fuller Center is not a church but rather a servant to the church, viewing the Body of Christ in all of its various manifestations as our primary partner in this ministry.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Kansas City proudly recognizes the following as Faith Builder congregations:

Parkville Presbyterian Church – Parkville, MO

Park Hill Christian Church – Kansas City, MO

North Oak Christian Church – Kansas City, MO

St. Patrick Catholic Church – Kansas City, MO

Northland Cathedral – Kansas City, MO

Second Baptist Church – Liberty, MO

Barry Christian Church – Kansas City, MO

Platte Woods United Methodist Church


The Faith Builders program seeks to provide innovative and creative methods for engaging churches and other faith communities and human-serving organizations in the exciting opportunities of our Christian ministry. The result is that churches help us grow as a ministry to serve more families in need, and we provide the opportunity and know-how for churches to put their faith into action out in the neighborhoods for God’s glory. To learn more about becoming a Faith Builder, visit the Faith Builders information page or contact us!