Faith Builders

Faith Builder Partners are individual churches or congregational committees who are seeking to add housing as part of their ministry. 

The Fuller Center is not a church, but a servant of the church. Our Faith Builders program seeks to provide innovative and creative methods for engaging church congregations and other faith communities in our Christian ministry. We provide the opportunity to serve and the guidance to do so, allowing churches to put their faith into action. In turn, the work of churches allows us to expand our ministry in the name of God.

While remaining unashamedly Christian, we welcome all people to participate in and support our work. We place no religious requirements on our beneficiaries. The Fuller Center will provide logistical, communication and other support as needed while connecting faith groups to a larger community of churches and organizations participating in this ministry. Together we can make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action with people everywhere.

Psalm 24 tells us “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of.” God has blessed us with enough resources to solve the housing crisis. We just need enough concerned people to get organized to take action. Do you have homeowners in need in your community? Is God tapping you on the shoulder to find new ways to put your faith into action? If so, we hope you will join us!


To learn more about becoming a Faith Builder, contact us!