We have several committees always looking for great people to lend a hand. Please see our committee descriptions below to see if you would like to join.


Executive Committee

See our bylaws



Without the discipline that results from a profit line, some nonprofits fail to behave in a businesslike way. It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to ensure that the Covenant Partner employs solid business principles and practices. This assures ongoing financial security and maximizes the number of families that can be housed. The Finance Committee will benefit from having successful business people, including a banker and lawyer, as members.


Family Services

Family Selection Committee
The Family Selection Committee is charged with identifying partner families who will become the beneficiaries of the Covenant Partner’s work. The tasks involved in doing this include developing the selection criteria, identifying the population in need, promoting the program among that population, creating the application process, and processing applicants. Ultimately, the Selection Committee will recommend potential partner families for approval by the Board of Directors.

Partnering Committee
The Partnering Committee serves as the liaison between the family and the Covenant Partner, provides the family with financial, homebuyer and life skills training; monitors the family’s sweat equity component; and works with the family to resolve late payment issues.


Resource Development & Public Relations

Resource Development Committee
The Resource Development Committee is responsible for raising funds and in-kind and land donations to advance the ministry of the Covenant Partner. These are tasks that many find to be challenging, but the real work of the Resource Development Committee is to provide opportunities for individuals, churches, social organizations, corporations and others to receive the blessings that generosity brings.

Public Relations
Among the responsibilities of this sub-committee are preparing informational brochures and other materials, developing a speaker’s bureau to make presentations, establishing relationships with local media outlets to assure coverage of events, and being the liaison between the Covenant Partner and the public.


Faith Builders

It is the task of the Faith Builders Committee to cultivate relationships with local faith communities and engage them in the work of the Covenant Partner. Ideally, the members of the committee will represent a number of different faiths, demonstrating the spirit of ecumenism.


Construction & Site Selection

The Construction Committee is responsible for delivering the principal product of this ministry, the house. Because of the technical requirements of home building, this committee should have at least a few professional builders as members. Because of the rich partnership opportunities that come from building, it should also include members with excellent people skills.

The Site Selection Sub-Committee is charged with identifying building or repair/renovation sites, securing those sites with the Board’s approval, and preparing those sites for house building or repair/renovation by assuring that infrastructure, zoning and titling issues are managed.


The Volunteer Committee recruits, schedules, and orients volunteers and volunteer groups from all sources (churches, businesses, schools, and other organizations). This committee also coordinates all aspects of work groups/teams traveling to KC from other communities.

If you would like to join our movement and serve on a committee, contact us!