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Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

2014 has been and is an extraordinary year for several reasons. It is the Fuller Center KC’s fifth year of repairing, renovating and building homes with families in need of decent, safe and affordable housing. The Greater Blessing (minor) and ReNew (major) repair programs have helped people who own their home improve conditions so they can continue to live safely and independently.

Many of these families are elderly and/or people living with disabilities. In 2010 we renovated the home of Calvin Stallings, a man who has been deaf-blind since birth.  In partnership with Northland Neighborhoods Inc., we built a new universal design home with Lorie Perdieu, a woman who has dedicated her life to advocacy for people living with disabilities in 2011.

Since we began in 2009 six ReNew and 10 Greater Blessing projects were completed. The completion of the current new build for the Rodriguez family will make two new homes built. Perhaps most amazing is all this has been accomplished with donations from individuals, churches and small business and labor provided mostly by volunteers! So we have much to celebrate with you – the faithful. This celebration will culminate with our 5th annual BBQ, Benefit and Celebration on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Plan now to be a part of it.

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